Digitally Remastered

This film was made with the love and support from a lot of people. Originally it was released as a legal SD torrent with a Creative Commons license. Please support the filmmakers and buy the digitally remastered HD film or Limited Edition DVD through the video player above.

DIE BEAUTY is a surreal thriller in a feverish fairytale world. A story about friendship and alienation, family ties and kindred blood.

A group of girls want something to happen. Something that will make everything change. A dead body floating down the river would be exciting. And if you wish for something hard enough...

Die Beauty is a feature film made by a group of people in Ransäter Sweden. The world premiere took place on 17 September 2010 at the cinema Bio Rio in Stockholm, Värmland's museum in Karlstad and at The Pirate Bay on the web. It was released with a creative commons license. It is now re-released as a digitally remastered HD video based on the 2K theatrical DCP master we were able to make for the Cinematographer's and Director's Debut Competition at the renowned Camerimage film festival in Poland. The original SD video version is obviously still available as a legal torrent!

Creative Commons License

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Director: Stina Bergman Production Company: mediamente^ * CineStar Productions * Bergman&Broos Running time: 82 minutes Country: Sweden, Norway Language: Swedish Subtitles: Various subtitles available for download. Release Year: 2010 Re-released: Digitally remastered HD video in 2013 Full Credits: www.duskona.com

Available worldwide on all devices!

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About subtitles
The streaming version is in Swedish language with no subtitles and works on almost all platforms. If you buy the download-to-own version of the film you will get access to a folder with subtitles files in English and many other languages. The downloaded subtitles folder must be unzipped. We recommend watching the film with the VLC video player from a computer instead of a mobile device. Once you've opened the video file in VLC there will be a specific top menu option where you can open and include subtitles as a subtitles track on the video.

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